Student Application - Daniel Rodman

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Student Application - Daniel Rodman

Post  Daniel_Rodman on Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:52 pm

Student Enrollment Application

First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Rodman
Birthdate: 16/9/2001
Home Address: Apartment 6A, 4421 Baker Street, Blueberry, San Andreas
Cellphone Number: 1411046.
Guardian Telephone Number if Applicable: 3425
Guardian/Parent Email if Applicable: N/A

Student Signature: D.R ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Medical Information

Major Medical Conditions: N/A
Minor Medical Conditions: N/A
Any conditions that will need an inhalant or a pill during school: No. __________________________________________________________________________________________
(( Out of Character ))

First Name: Guillermo
Age: 17
Geographical Location & Timezone: Venezuela, GMT - 4:30


I agree to take responsibility to any roleplay, good or bad, that I do in Los Santos High School. I also agree to roleplay realistically and the best I can, and take responsibility for any brawl-provoking or any trolling, etc. I agree to accept any punishment for a rule I have broken, and to take my punishment fully. I agree to be admin kicked, admin jailed, or even banned by an administrator if necessary.

Signature: Guillermo A.


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Re: Student Application - Daniel Rodman

Post  Randal_Johnson on Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:53 pm


Dear Daniel Rodman

This is to inform you that your application has been received by the LSHS Management Team. We have decided to officially ENROLL you into Los Santos High School. Your student ID will be sent to you. It is: 028

Yours Sincerely,
Randal Johnson


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