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Post  Bruce_Varney on Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:59 am

Staff Enrollment Application

First Name:Bruce
Last Name:Varney
Height:1.87 meters/6'01''
Home Address:Chipotle Blvd, no.23
Cellphone Number:
Do you hold a valid drivers license?Yes
Do you have a PF or a CCW:No.
Are you a citizen of the United States:Yes.

Signature:Dr. Bruce Varney
Application Information
Education:Mastered in parodontal treatment after I finished San Fierro University's dental med specialisation. I also hold a degree in the biology of the cell.
-I also have a diploma that attains my status as a certified professor with up-to-date teaching methods.
Have you ever been convicted of a felony, if so why:No.
Have you ever applied for a different government agency:,No.
Have you ever worked for Los Santos High School:No.
Current employment if applicable:Stomatologist.
Previous employment if applicable:None.

What skills do you have to bring to Los Santos High School:A positive mindset that's focused to improve the students' knowledge.
A wide array of medical knowledge that I can provide to the students, all wrapped in an accessible program, structured to follow the daily classes.
What are you applying for:The biology spot. If that is taken ,even though I find myself overqualified and the most
At the position you're applying for, what do you think you'll be doing:I have numerous courses structured as written below;
The Cell
The Tissue
The basic systems of the human body
The human body in general
The nervous system
The respiratory system
The cardio-vascular system
The muscular/locomotory system
The digestive system
Inflamation(with the adjuvant Hemostasis course)
Semiology(Where students will learn to read signs of various infections on subjects)
Advanced Anatomy.

Why do you want to work in Los Santos High School (must be detailed):Ever since I opened my personal dental clinic, I've been somewhat lecturing patients before and after the treatment per se, notifying them of lacunes or flaws in their hygiene. It's how I found out I like to talk to people, explain them the most complicated of subjects, in the simplest of words. I am no naive, I know what's the bulk of the student-base, I doubt they will be that interested in my advanced courses so for them I have the beginner and intermediate classes. Bottom line drawn, I know I'll be a positive addition to the staff of the school, given my knowledge and my willingness to help the youth of this state to attain a better status within the society.
Medical Information

Major Medical Conditions: None, I am an able bodied male.
Minor Medical Conditions:
(( Out of Character ))

First Name:Toms
Geographical Location & Timezone:Romania, (Server +1h)

How much time will you put into Los Santos High School:Enough.
How long have you been roleplaying on SA-MP:5 years.
When did you join LSRP:5 years ago.
Why would you like to join Los Santos High School:i'm a med student irl, and I didn't think LSHigh would have that much of a 'fanbase', so why not give it a hand and help it out.

Do you have the ability to speak and receive English language all the way:Yes.

List alternate characters if any:Alexander_Zakarov
Screenshots of Admin Records for all characters:

Anything you'd like to state before making the application:

Dr. Bruce Varney.


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Bruce_Varney (Biology/ Substitute teacher) Empty Re: Bruce_Varney (Biology/ Substitute teacher)

Post  Randal_Johnson on Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:33 pm

Bruce_Varney (Biology/ Substitute teacher) Title_zpse7861d9e-1

Dear Mr. Varney

This is to inform you that your application has been received by the LSHS Management Team. We have decided to ACCEPT your application to Los Santos High School.

Yours Sincerely,
Randal Johnson


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