Grading Website & New Forum

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Grading Website & New Forum

Post  Randal_Johnson on Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:34 am

Hello guys! We have very good things ahead of us at Los Santos High School. Big things are in the making. First off, we're kicking it off with a new forum. The forum will have a custom domain, and will look much better. There is no need to worry, most of the data here will be transferred onto the new website once it's up. Thanks to Eva Sans.

We are also bringing up a school grading website. You know, those websites that your teachers log onto when they add grades. It's going to be used, and it'll be mandatory that all students and staff members sign up. This is all we have planned for now, there will be more things coming once we get deeper into the faction roleplay. Stand by and live life until then, it'll be here soon.

ALSO. Anny suggestions you have about these subjects are welcome.

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