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(OOC) Read this, chances are that you'll find it useful.

Post  Jebediah_Clarkson on Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:21 pm

Right. I think I speak for the Administration Team aswell as the Superintendent when I say this.

We're tired of the fighting and shooting and killing. We really don't mind 1v1 fights that have a valid structured reason behind them.

But when you see these little wannabee gang wars inside the hallways with 30 people beating up another huge group of people, it becomes a problem.

Not to mention the bringing of firearms upon the campus to literally attempt to replicate Columbine and kill everyone you see and those who 'disrespected your gang and what you stand for'.

Get creative, there's other ways to squash your beef besides punching each other to death like animals. Key the students car, spray paint the windshield, place a thumbtack upon their seat, start a rumor, etc.

When you see these copious amounts of fights going on, it makes Los Santos High School look like a deathmatch arena. We don't want that.

Thank you all for reading this.

Archbishop Clarkson XXVI.
On Campus Chaplain, Religious Studies Teacher, Administrat

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