Vicente Barragan (Security officer)

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Vicente Barragan (Security officer)

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:31 pm

Staff Enrollment Application

First Name: Vicente
Last Name: Barragan
Birthdate: 11-01-1981
Home Address: 212 High St, Los Santos. SA 90121
Cellphone Number: 141-2331
Do you hold a valid drivers license? I do.
Do you have a PF or a CCW: I do not.
Are you a citizen of the United States: I am.

Signature: BARRAGAN
Application Information
Education: High School Diploma, Theodore Roosevelt High School, 1999 graduation.
Have you ever been convicted of a felony, if so why: No.
Have you ever applied for a different government agency: No.
Have you ever worked for Los Santos High School: No.
Current employment if applicable Unemployed.
Previous employment if applicable: Security officer, East Los Santos mall, 2014.

What skills do you have to bring to Los Santos High School: I will bring to Los Santos High School my ability to assess situations, my communication and dexterous skills.
My judgement, my objectivity and my physical skills will protect, secure and help every Los Santos High School's teachers and pupils.
What are you applying for: Security officer.

Why do you want to work in Los Santos High School (150 words): I want to work in Los Santos High School to be useful for the young student community.
I used to work as a security guard in different Los Santos malls. Like I said, my skills will be helpful for your school. I'm prepared, trained, to hold this position into your school.
Sociable, altruistic, I enjoy working in public areas. I have always been a good law-abiding citizen, helping different child association through San Andreas State.
Every student comes from different neighborhoods, tensions may be exist between students from different districts of the city, I know how to calm these tensions down. I'm able to handle any situation with pedagogy, self-control, integrity and respect.
Medical Information

Major Medical Conditions: N/A
Minor Medical Conditions: N/A
(( Out of Character ))

First Name: Vincent
Age: 16
Geographical Location & Timezone: France, GMT+1.

Signature:Vicente Barragan


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Re: Vicente Barragan (Security officer)

Post  David_Willis on Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:26 pm


Dear Mr Barragan,

This is to inform you that your application has been received by the LSHS Management Team. We have decided to ACCEPT your application to Los Santos High School.

The next step of your application will involve completing an interview with a member of the Human Resources department. You will be contacted in private to arrange a time.

Yours Sincerely,
David Willis

Head of Human Resources

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